We Have Been Endorsed By Chime For Change!!!! 

         Chime For Change is an organization that is founded by the fashion brand Gucci.  Its co-founders are Beyonce' Knowles-Carter, Salma Hayek Pinault and Frida Giannini.  Chime's main focus is to empower women using creative approaches. The foundation has funded over 300 projects in almost 80 countries thus far. 

         A major way Chime shows its support is by highlighting the stories of females who stand for change.  Awesomeness After Adversity is now on the list of organizations that Chime has highlighted and we are more than grateful for this. 

         The original piece they asked us for was edited for their website use but it still means the same thing.  Here is the original:

     "I often find myself sharing examples of my past to help influence other women and girls' thought processes when they are facing situations similar to what I've faced. I try to share my story with as many hearts as my voice can reach. It usually helps when people can see things from another person's perspective. This shows them that they have more choices when facing a crisis, than they had originally thought.  I do this as well with my website Awesomeness After Adversity. We hi-lite individuals who have experienced intense struggles, but have turned them into positive outcomes. 

    I feel Im relatable to many young women and girls who've, at some point, allowed their pasts to define them. We live our lives with a dark cloud called trauma hovering over our heads.  Instead, our situations can be used to give others hope. I strive to be that person who encourages females to know, and find their self-worth sooner than later.  It took me well into my thirties to realize my own value because I waited around for someone else to tell me what it should have been. I'm confident that my strengths come from overcoming adversities and empowering others." 




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